Consultancy in Civil, Criminal, Land, Infrastructure and environment issues

Civil laws are the basis and govern the civil rights of the individuals. We provide legal advice pertaining to matters where there is financial dispute or disputes relating to title of land & property or partition of property and /or various other disputes which are civil in nature. Our team of legal experts can help in filing the suits and proceedings in any courts in Karnataka including the Karnataka High Court & Hon’ble Supreme Court relating to immovable and moveable properties. We alos assist in cases where recovery of money is involved. Our core team can assist you in filing the proceedings & providing services before the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.

Our environmental consultants provide practical and effective advice, assessment and reports on key environmental issues.

After his education in Government Kannada Boys’ School, Banahatti and S.R.A. High School, Banahatti, he joined G.I. Bagewadi College, Nipani and passed P.U.C. in 1970. Later he joined Posts and telegraphs Department and served as a Telephone Operator from 26th July, 1971 to 31st January, 1977. Meanwhile, he obtained B.A. degree in Economics, as an external candidate from the Karnataka University in 1975. He was selected as Probationary Assistant Commissioner in the K.A.S. by the K.P.S.C. He joined service as Prob. Assistant Commissioner on 07.02.1977. After initial training at Mysore, he underwent District training in Gulbarga. In 1978 he was selected for the Indian Police Service and he joined I.P.S. in July 1978 and was allotted to the Karnataka State.

Our Consultancy Services include:

  • Licensing Round Application : summary environmental assessments
  • Environmental Management Systems development 
  • Environmental Statements and assessments for marine activities: seismic, drilling, field development and decommissioning
  • Operational permitting and marine licensing support
  • Environmental Reporting support
  • Assistance and guidance regarding registration, investigation and prosecution of criminal cases
  • Liaison with regulatary authorities
  • Waste water treatment
  • Air pollution
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Preparation of environmental audit
  • Water treatment

Assistance and guidance regarding registration, investigation and prosecution of criminal cases

Core areas include:

  • Issues related to Domestic Vi0lence
  • Dowry Issues
  • Issues related to Cheque Bounces
  • Cases in Consumer Forums
  • Family Law ( Court Marriage & Marriage Registration )
  • Sexual Harrassment Cases
  • Drugs and Narcotics
  • Financial Issues
  • Passport processing
  • Property Laws
  • Labour Issues
  • Contract Laws
  • NRI cases
  • Arbitrations
  • Corporate Laws and Compliance
  • Review Petitions
  • Special Leave Petitions
  • Writ Petitions


With the thrust being eco-friendly, we have initiated consulting services in pollution control related works for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

There are several types of pollution, and while they come from different sources and have different consequences, understanding the basics about pollution can help environmentally conscious individuals minimize their contribution to these dangers. Sources of pollution don’t simply have a negative impact on the natural world, but they can have a measurable effect on the health of Human being as well.

Laboratory Services